100% Colour Match Guarantee
100% Colour Match Guarantee

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Elevate Your Ford's Look with Our Tailored Paint Solutions

From the rugged Ford F-150 to the iconic Mustang, Ford's reputation for durability and performance is unmatched. At Touch Up Paint Factory, we offer premium touch-up paint solutions that keep your Ford looking as resilient as it performs.

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Opt for Ford-Specific Touch-Up Paint Products

  • Paint Pens

    Created for extreme precision, our paint pens can tackle those annoying minor scratches and chips on your Ford vehicle.

  • Aerosol Paints

    Excellent for broader surface areas, our aerosol paints offer a uniform, professional finish that complements Ford's unique colour spectrum.

  • Individual Paint Bottles

    Our 30ml individual paint bottles provide a more meticulous application, specifically developed for Ford enthusiasts.

  • Full Kits

    Achieve a flawless touch-up with our comprehensive kits, ensuring your Ford maintains its original lustre.

How to Pick the Ideal Ford Touch-Up Paint

If you're uncertain about the perfect product for your Ford, our dedicated customer service team is here to help with personalised recommendations.

Simplify Your Ford Paint Code Search with Our Tool

Skip the guesswork by using our intuitive search tool. Simply enter your Ford's registration number to find the exact paint code.

Manual Methods for Discovering Your Ford Paint Code

Ford paint codes are not always visible on the vehicle and if you cannot find it contact your local Ford dealer with your vehicle identification number and they will be able to look up the paint name and code.

Model Position of Colour Label
Fiesta, Ka, Fusion, Focus S Max, C Max, Kuga, Focus Coupe' (Pininfarina) On the inside of the right side door jamb

You can use the label picture as guidance to find your Ford paint colour code.

Follow These Steps for a Perfect Ford Touch-Up

  • 1

    Before painting, thoroughly clean the area to be touched-up for the best result.

  • 2
    Shake It Up:

    A thorough shake mixes the paint well, ensuring colour consistency.

  • 3
    Test First:

    Always do a test application to ensure the colour is a perfect match for your Ford.

  • 4
    Allow for Drying:

    Take the time to let each layer dry for a durable, professional outcome.

With our high-quality touch-up paint, your Ford will continue to turn heads for years to come.

If your colour was not listed in our database that's quite normal. In fact 22% of our customers when ordering have to manually add their vehicle details at this stage, so you're not alone.

Fill out as much information as you can, and remember, we offer our 100% colour match guarantee on every kit regardless.