100% Colour Match Guarantee
100% Colour Match Guarantee

Body Wipe Paper Cleaning Cloth

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Car Clean Multi absorbs large volumes of solvents, oil and lubricants. Car Clean Multi is perfectly suitable for solvent based cleaners and silicone removers.



Car Clean Multi is a very absorbent, robust and high-quality solvent-resistant cleaning cloth. It is not suitable for water cleaners.

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Colour Match Guarantee

Touch Up Paint Factory mix paint colours to the manufacturers paint code. This means that the colour of the paint will match perfectly your vehicles shade

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Touch Up Paint Factory have been providing a fast, safe and effective way of achieving a superior finish on vehicle paintwork since 2009!

If your colour was not listed in our database that's quite normal. In fact 22% of our customers when ordering have to manually add their vehicle details at this stage, so you're not alone.

Fill out as much information as you can, and remember, we offer our 100% colour match guarantee on every kit regardless.